How To Clean Motorcycle Spark Plug

Spark Plug is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. It is a small mechanical thing which is fitted with the engine. Main effort of spark plug is to create fire spark inside the engine and for this cause petrol burns inside the engine. A spark plug contains two electrodes. From the counterpoint one cable can be found and it is surrounded by ceramics. The ceramic insulator is covered by the metal plugs. It is fixed with the cylinder wall with the help of screws and because of this reason electrical connection builds. Other electrode can be found from lower part of the coverage and it is extended to the center point of the plug. Little gap can be found between two electrodes at their outfield. And this gap is known as the spark gap of a spark plug. Between the cylinder head and centre point electrode electric wires can be found and they are connected to the fire producing coils. This coil provides electric pulsation at high voltage.

Storage battery contains 12 volt electricity but this firing coil expands this voltage almost up to30000 volt. For internal burning of engine with the help of air and for creating electricity the spark gap is enough. For ignites reason insulation creates and it gives the engine enough power to run. Because of the sparking decadences happens between two electrodes. Exhaust gas contains carbon and those are gathered into these two electrodes.

For this reason this thing need to be cleaned from time to time or else it will discontinue creating fire and irregular sparking will occur. As a result few other problems can be created because of this reason.

You will not be annoyed or face disgusting situation with your bike if you take care of your motorcycle properly. Taking care of a motorcycle is not just to clean it, taking care means you need to take good care of all the spare parts of your bike. You have to make sure your motorbikes battery is working properly, its chain is good, braking system works fine, the tyre pressure if perfect, changing engine oil time to time, cleaning the air filter on time, maintaining the spark plug appropriately and overall you have to make sure your fuel is admixture free. Today we are talking about the spark plug but its working ability almost depends on admixture free fuel. If your motorcycles spark plug has any difficulty then the main problem will be engine starting. Engine will not start up properly; if it happens then you have to do these-

- Checkout the fuel.
- Make sure fuel is floating or not from the fuel line.
- Smell the fuel and make sure does it smell like kerosene.
- Make sure water in not mixed with the fuel.
- Throughout the wastage oil.
- Cleanup the spark Plug.
- Make sure the Key is on.
- Cool engine startup early by pressing the choke.
- Check the air filter.

After inspecting all these start the engine IN-SHA-ALLAH will start.

Reasons To Clean The Spark Plug

If your motorcycle engine contains admixture oil or polluted oil then it will not burn properly inside the engine. As a result wastage oil and carbon will be gathered at the spark plug and engine won’t start properly or during riding period engine will stop suddenly. Because of this reason spark plug needed to be cleaned. You can clean the spark plug and engine oil at a time by the mechanic. If it is necessary to clean the plug before time then you can do this by your own and you can do it easily by following the bellow process.

Few Things You Will Need: For cleaning the spark plug few things are needed and they are -

1. Spark plug socket wrench (you can find it at the motorcycle toolbox).
2. Metal-wire brush.
3. Clean fabric.
4. Air blower (optional).
5. Sand paper.

The Way You Will Open The Spark Plug

Generally spark plug is placed at the upper side of the engine (almost at the upper right side). Spark plug is attached with a black-cable cap. If the engine is hot then spend some time for cooling it down. After that rotate the black cap and pull it. If it is possible clean all the dust surrounding the plug because it can enter into the engine.

The Way You Clean It

1. Using your hand twist the cap of the spark plug carefully and open it.
2. You will find the plug wrench in the tool box and with its help drag out the spark plug from the engine, twist it anti-clock rotation.
3. Using the finger you can free it.
4. Used spark plug will look like this picture,
5. Keep a sand paper always at the tool box. Following the picture process, clean it carefully. Use the metal-wire brush if it needed. Make sure the spark gap remains the same. At last using the air blower clean the dust.
6. After cleaning it with the help of your finger place the plug and twist it hardly, twist it at the same way of clock rotation.
7. Fixed the spark plug with the help of socket wrench. Don’t place it very hard or else it can be broken.
8. After doing all place the plug cap properly and start your engine. If your bike wasn’t starting because of spark plug then it is solved and IN-SHA-ALLAH the engine will start.


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