11 Tips to enhance your motorcycle riding skills

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11 Tips to enhance your motorcycle riding skills

If we look into the regular scenario of our day today lives Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular in our country. Their demand are increasing for various reasons. For a densely populated country like Bangladesh, motorcycles are very important, because many people do not like the lack of public transport seats, crowded seats, and many other hassles to move daily. Especially in Dhaka city most of the people choose motorcycles to go to their destination. On the other hand, there are some high level bike lovers in our country, they love to roam around the country with bikes. Motorcycle is also a very important vehicle for all kind of riders.
On that note, only riding a motorcycle will not the thing. A motorcycle should be ridden efficiently and keeping yourself safe. In our country city roads and highways are seen to be more prone to motorcycle accidents. The main reason for that is the pressure of large vehicles on the highways has increased, therefore, small vehicles cannot adapt to those large vehicles all the time. In this situation, everyone needs to ride efficiently in various road conditions. Today we Team Motorcycle Valley will discuss some key points on how you can improve your riding skills. Let us get into it below.
Need to know Road signal / road signs:
Road signals should be obeyed by all of us, because we get better idea about the road through these road signs. If you notice, you can see that there are different signals on the roads and highways of our country such as – Market in front, heading to the mosque, in front of the school, there is a road sign prohibiting over accident likely areas and many others. We have to be careful when we see these road signs and ride with full concentration. If you don't notice the sign, slowly ride your bike on unfamiliar roads. You will be much safer. On the other hand, riding on the city streets in acquiescence with the signal can reduce accidents and you can stay safe. So, everyone should ride a motorbike on the road in compliance with road signals.
Lean to use brakes properly:
Proper braking while riding your bike can reduce damage, or accident risks. When riding a bike, try to have a finger of your right hand attached to your brake lever always and use it to control the brakes. In most of the cases, it is seen that you are only holding the acceleration and if something unexpected comes in front then if you hold the front brake lever. On that time, you will not understand the size of the coming stuff all of a sudden and the risk of accident increases. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Do the braking in such a way that the wheel does not skid and you are also protected. Braking hard sometimes makes troubles, so use wisely and before the bad incident happens. So for those who are not accustomed to riding with brake levers, try to ride a bike with holing the front brake levers from today and get yourself used to of it. Without that know when to combine them both.

Overtaking efficiently:

Most accidents occurred on highways are due to reckless overtaking. In the case, you have to know about the risks of overtaking large vehicles on the highway. Two-lane roads are extremely risky for motorcyclists. Large vehicles drive recklessly on these two-lane roads. This is why a motorcyclist should always be ready for any situation while riding on the road. When you are overtaking a large, or small vehicle in front of you, see if there is a vehicle coming from the opposite direction in front of it, if there is any large vehicle behind you, come along the looking glass of the vehicle you are overtaking, give a flash of your bikes pass and blow the horn. Then you will complete the overtaking as you like by keeping a safe distance. When overtaking, keep in mind about the bikes gear power, if you accelerate with more gears, your bike will not get power instantly from the engine, and engine may stop and create troubles.

Stay at a safe distance on road:

Sometimes riding a motorcycle on city streets, or highways is a very painful matter. If you want to ride on these roads, you have to keep an eye on how to move in front, behind, right and left. Especially the front and rear side should be taken care of a little more and you should keep a safe distance from the front and rear vehicles. Because if someone becomes a little careless and the front vehicle brakes suddenly then the propensity of accidents is much higher. Therefore, while riding on the road, try to stay at a safe distance from other vehicles for your own betterment.

Maintain the speed of your bike under control while cornering:

Most of the time we seeover speed corneringof motorcyclesinside race tracks, but that is not the way to deal with our regular corners on road. Always be careful when cornering a bike as the balance of the bike is tilted to one side while cornering, so that if you corner at high speeds you will be struggling to balance your bike on that situation. Thus, while cornering understand your balance, understand the speed of the bike and understand the condition of the road. Never go cornering at high speeds, slowing down will keep you safe.

Make you bike fit with you:

Many of us may know that if you don't get fit to your bike or don't adjust your body with the bike, you can't find harmony by riding it. In the same way, you don't have to adjust yourself before you buy a bike or ride a bike. Nevertheless, after you bought one, at least for 2 to 3 days you must ride the bike by yourself then you can test the speed, cornering and other testes you want. Never be overconfident because one thing to keep in mind is that even if you are alert, the people around you are not.

Clutch less gear shifting can be a good hack to learn:

We all know that clutch is used to increase, or decrease the gear of a motorcycle, but when you are riding the bike at high speed and you are checking the maximum speed of your bike then shifting the gear with the clutch can reduce the speed of your bike. Professional bike riders try to do gear shifting without clutch at high speed and this will not have any bad effect on the gear box. Gear shifting without clutch means you will be shifting your gears on smooth roads without clutch leaver pulling and you will not have to suffer the hassle of holding the clutch repeatedly. Basically you can apply this technique for smooth roads. However, keep in mind to shift gears without clutch to increase, not to reduce.

Keep it under control;

When you ride your bike, you must control your bike and you will be much safer. Through various videos in our country, we see that the bike has learned to ride a new bike and is accelerating beyond its control, while it can be seen that it has lost its balance with the bike. So while riding the bike, you will understand the acceleration of your bike and ride. Increase where acceleration should be increased and decrease where it should be reduced.

Ride with safety gears:

This is one of the essential point to be followed, before riding a bike, you must wear good quality safety gear and ride. Wearing this safety gear will give you confidence while your ride and you can expect a lot less damage if you have an accident. We always say to wear at least a certified helmet when riding a bike. Because the important body part in our body is our head, which can be protected by helmet. So make it a habit to wear good quality safety gears when you ride.

Ride carefully on wet roads:

When it comes to our country, it is very risky to ride a bike in the rainy season due to the roads are wet in the rainy season and even in some places water accumulation causes road full of water, which is very risky for the riders. On the other hand, if you look at the broken roads, you can see that it is very difficult to guess how much is broken in any place, and what the water density is, so the rider should always be careful. In the case of smooth roads, the speed of the bike should be reduced with the help of engine brakes while keeping the speed low and no hard braking should be done in wet roads. On the other hand, on a broken, or muddy road, you have to ride the bike with a less gears and always try to use the engine brake.

Decide where you are going:

When traveling on the road, you must indicate in advance which direction you want to go, or where you want to position your bike. For example, if you are riding on a highway and you need to change lanes for any reason, then you must change lanes using the bike indicator. Meanwhile, always use the indicator on the highway. If any large vehicle in front of you actually in vision, give him an indicator of the direction he is coming from and explain that you also need a side and notice that by getting your indicator he has paved the way for you.

Final words:

Remember the old rule, “Practice makes people proficient”. The more you practice, the more efficient you will become. When it comes to riding a bike, if you have every experience, you can ride any bike, but yes, we have mentioned above that you have to ride it under your control. Under no circumstances never ever go overboard, or ride recklessly with a new bike. Wish you more beautiful riding experiences on behalf of Team Motorcycle Valley.

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