Common reasons behind motorcycle accidents

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Common reasons behind motorcycle accidents

We use motorcycles every day to simplify our traveling. Motorcycles have made our journey independent and comfortable as well. In terms of our country roads, there is no proper implementation of wide roads, traffic rules and regulations, as a result road accidents are constantly happening. Bikers are the main victims of these road accidents indeed. Either for their own mistakes or other vehicles, or because of the unsafe road conditions bikers have to pay the consequences. Below the lines we will mention some of the mistakes that riders make in causing bike accidents. If you are lucky and have proper riding skills then not doing these mistakes will ease your ways of motorcycle riding.

1. Crazy bike rides on broken roads:

Most of the roads in our country are full of dents, for that every vehicle has to ride on those roads with extra safely. Riding on broken roads are very difficult and risky for two wheelers. Riding carelessly on these roads can lead to major accidents, so you need to be careful while riding a bike on these type of broken roads.

2. Hard braking during cornering:

Not only riding even you have to be careful while walking on the road, because you might stay careful, but the carelessness of others can take your life. There are many riders who do not know how to do cornering properly, as a result they lose balance during cornering and get into an accident. Hard braking during cornering can cause the tyres to skid and lose balance, and colliding with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction can lead to a fatal accident. While cornering, try to hit the brakes keeping the speed low and the bike under control. Doing this really reduces the risk.

3. Careless while cornering:

Accidents are constantly happening due to the negligence of oneself, or others. Caution must be implemented in the case of bike rides, because accidents can occur if one does not pay attention to who is driving in which direction on the road and who is riding recklessly. Be especially careful when cornering because you do not know which vehicle is coming from the opposite direction and at what speed so not being alert during cornering is a big mistake for the rider.

4. Not watching the manholes, or unexpected breakage/ bumps:

In terms of Bangladesh most of the manhole covers on city streets are weak or open, which is a risk for all vehicles. This is a more serious risk for two-wheeled bikes. As you have to rely on two wheels, not stopping them perfectly, or at the exact time it can be fatal. On the other hand, we don't know how much the road is damaged during a ride on a wet road, because they are filled with water. If the tyres of the bike is worn in these ditches, any major accident can happen. Accidents happen every day because of these mistakes of the rider.

5. Crossing roads recklessly:

It is often seen that the riders are riding on the road at a reckless speed due to their busy time schedule. In this case, if a biker crosses a bend or crossing at a reckless speed, his accident with a vehicle from the other side can happen effortlessly. Many intoxicated bikers do this and they have no idea what is going to happen next.

6. Talking on mobile phone while riding

Talking on a mobile phone while riding is a crime in terms of our government law. When you are riding talking on a mobile phone can cause less concentration, the brain cannot pay proper attention, which makes it more prone to accidents with other vehicles on the road. In particular, there is a tendency to being shattered by other big vehicles from behind. Many riders lost their lives while talking on mobile phones while riding.

7. Riding bikes at over speed without motorcycle maintenance:

If you do not service your bike for a long time, or do not change the parts, the performance and life of those parts can be reduced. If someone rides a bike in such a situation, the risk of an accident is much higher. For example, if someone rides the bike at over speed, the engine may seize, or he may break his bikes brake shoe during hard braking and tire skidding, plug jam etc. will take place. If maintenance is not done, there is a high risk of many more such accidents.

8. Not knowing the proper use of looking glass:

Most of the new riders in our country do not know the proper use of looking glass, as a result they go around without looking at different corners and the vehicle behind them. Doing that they does not understand the movement, which causes a fatal accident. On the other hand, it is very foolish to look at the looking glass without noticing any vehicle coming from the front. You should look at the looking glass by measuring the distance of any vehicle coming from the front. Look at the looking glass at least 5 times in 1 minute.

9. Overtaking with confidence

Before overtaking a large vehicle on the highway, many people cannot adjust their overtaking speed with the vehicle coming from the opposite direction, which makes the biker doubtful and increases the tendency of accidents. Overtaking is not compatible with speed, especially during night rides. As a result, overtaking at night is very dangerous. Most of the road accidents in our country took place because of overtaking at night with great confidence. Larger vehicles cannot notice the movement of bikes at night, because at night number of trucks, buses and other bulky vehicles increases. In the morning, special care has to be taken in case of bike riding as the big vehicles get very tired after driving all night and they try to reach the destination quickly. That is why they become very reckless and they try to keep the speed high by not caring about small vehicles on the road. So bikers should not overtake with too much confidence and ride with attentiveness at night.
Some mistakes can take away a rider's life. So, only if everyone rides safely and consciously can we prevent road accidents. All the mentioned areas are big reasons of motorcycle accidents, so try to reduce these tendency for saving your life.

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